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Real Clients, Real Results

“20X Sales”

Sean King, Contractor

“10X ROI”

Corey Peterson, Kahuna Investments

"4X Production”

Mike Martinez, The Pension Group

“4X Sales”

Rondi Lambeth, Fortress Credit Pro

“4X Revenues”

Dr. Deb Schreibman

“3X Sales”

Bobi Lind, Consultant

“2X Revenues & Profits”

Kevin Fream, Matrix Force

“2X My Business”

Navi Dowty, CFA

“Best Month Ever, Best Year Ever”

Dr. Chris Perron

“Best Month Ever"

Gary Sipos, MBA AIF

“Raised Rates 80%, 100 on Waiting List"

Dr. Laleh Shaban

“7 Million Dollar Deals from Working with Clint”

Carlos Carerra, Consultant

“$9,000,000 Client from Clint’s Event”

Kurt Cambier, CFP

“$4,225,000 in New Revenues”

Will Nobles, Vector Choice Tech

$2,400,000 New Money in One Day Working with Clint”

Tom Mack

“2,225,000 New Business from Working with Clint”

Greg Hanna, TossC3

“Added Another 6 Figures”

Manuel Fabriquer

“6 Figures at Clint’s Event”

Mike Lewis, Consultant

“Working with Clint Paid For My New Aston Martin”

Rick Jordan

"Went from 6-figures to 7 figures with Clint”

Dr. Deb Matthew

“$300,000 in Low Hanging Fruit”

Kim Curtis, Wealth Legacy Inst.

“$180,000 from Clint’s Event”

Ed Bensinger, Consultant

“$150,000 in New Revenues”

Al Alper, Absolute Logic

“$150,000 Client from Clint’s Event”

Angela Sticca Snyder CPA

“$76,000 Contract from Clint’s Event”

Scott Beck, BeckTech

“$60,000 Deal from Clint’s Event”

John Ruffner, Consultant

“The Real Thing”

Dan Kennedy

“Enrolled $5,000 Client at Clint’s Event”

Tony Ritchie, YouTuber

“Closed Deal at Clint’s Event, Paid for Itself”

Chavous Camp, Consultant

“Closed 6-Figure Contract 24-hrs After Enrolling”

Travis Pomposello

“The More Time I Spend with Clint at his Acapulco Villa, the More Impact, Influence & Income I Have”

Dr. Aimee Duffy

“Impact, Influence & Income in Acapulco is Life Changing”

Madison Malloy

“Now I’m the most expensive pediatrician in my city, with 3-page waiting list.”

Dr. Ana Maria Temple


Celebrity Entrepreneur

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